Did Steven Seagal Get A Hair Transplant? We have the answers!

Steven Seagal was a big time action star in the 1980’s and 1990’s. His popularity grew and he still has leading roles. He is known for martial arts and often sporting a ponytail. A question that’s been tossed around for decades is how much of that hair did nature intend on him having? 

Early on in his acting career he was balding and his hairline was receding severely. As time has gone on though, Mr. Seagal’s hair has become fuller and his hairline has filled in to that signature widow’s peak he is known for. 

So did Steven Seagal have a hair transplant?

Some close-up images of him reveal that hair plugs might answer this mysterious new growth. Visuals are all the evidence we have and they say a lot. If it’s not a wig then Steven Seagal got a hair transplant..With his growing fame and bank account, he could have afforded a hair transplant

The fact that he appeared in films with noticeable balding is probably because he didn’t get his big break until he was around 40 years old. Unfortunately, if there is a hair transplant secret, it seems that he and his doctor may take it to their graves.

Michaela Conlin fake death reports

News of actress Michaela Conlin’s death spread earlier this week prompting concern among the fans a globally Though; the report on August 2016 has confirmed to be complete deceit, The latest report is a pure string of extremely fake reports of celebrity death.

Thankfully, the Michaela Conlin is best known for the role she plays on the television series Bones is alive and feeling well. Very many fans instantly started writing condolence messages on the Facebook social media expressing their sorrow that the gifted actress was dead.

As usual, Twitter sphere got frenzied over the celebrity death hoax. some fans trusted the post, while others were quickly wary of the report, maybe taking in their lesson from gigantic measure of fake passing reports rising about famous people over late months.

Others pointed out the news were not carried on any significant American system, demonstrating that it was just a fake report, the demise of an on-screen character of Michaela Conlin’s stature would be real news crosswise over systems. A recent poll that has been conducted about the Celebrity Post has shown that a large number of respondents think Michaela Conlin death rumors aren’t funny anymore.

On 2nd August (Tuesday) the actress’ representatives , officially declared Michaela Conlin alive and is not dead. “Michaela Conlin has join list of global celebrities who also got victimised by the hoax. “Michaela Conlin is still alive and very well, Just stop believing what is written on the Internet social media,” they said.

A quite number fans have expressed their anger and bitterness at the UN true report as they say it was reckless and hurtful to the fans of the much-loved actress. but some who said this truly shows her real extreme popularity globally.

Emma Watsons Dazzling Luxury Swimwear Style

Emma Watson is the epitome of beauty and brains. Emma’s acting skills are not the only thing getting her noticed, her incredible eye for fashion has led her to be in numerous fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. She is also the perfect dream girl to many guys, which is no wonder she is often spotlighted on the cover of GQ magazine.

Capture Emma’s classy and glamorous style in your luxury swimwear this summer. As well know Emma Watson from Harry Potter she was recently on the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie, Noah which is a big success for the star-studded young actress.

The movie images of the star show she wore a goddess like a white gown, and she looked stunning! Emma added a flirtatious touch to this classic style with a high slit on the leg. Get the look in your designer swimwear bikini by wearing the Summer Siren bikini. This suit has the sophistication of Emma’s all white look with a splash of color with the jade stones.

This would be the perfect suit for a fun getaway to an exotic tropical island with friends! Get Emma’s sexy chic look with this flirty suit and have you looking like a goddess! Emma shows off her high-class style in her photo shoot with the online magazine, Net-A-Porter. She displays an elegant navy gown embellished with a jeweled neckline.

Carry over the look of elegance in your swimwear by wearing Rich Girl in Navy. The triangle bikini is decorated with rhinestones and gold hardware which is brought out by the rich navy color of the swimsuit. Once you fall in love with this style, you will have to have it in every color! You’ll feel like a million bucks wearing this swimsuit at your next outdoor outing.

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