Did Steven Seagal Get A Hair Transplant? We have the answers!

Steven Seagal was a big time action star in the 1980’s and 1990’s. His popularity grew and he still has leading roles. He is known for martial arts and often sporting a ponytail. A question that’s been tossed around for decades is how much of that hair did nature intend on him having? 

Early on in his acting career he was balding and his hairline was receding severely. As time has gone on though, Mr. Seagal’s hair has become fuller and his hairline has filled in to that signature widow’s peak he is known for. 

So did Steven Seagal have a hair transplant?

Some close-up images of him reveal that hair plugs might answer this mysterious new growth. Visuals are all the evidence we have and they say a lot. If it’s not a wig then Steven Seagal got a hair transplant..With his growing fame and bank account, he could have afforded a hair transplant

The fact that he appeared in films with noticeable balding is probably because he didn’t get his big break until he was around 40 years old. Unfortunately, if there is a hair transplant secret, it seems that he and his doctor may take it to their graves.

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